Meditation Class

The Guided Meditation & Education Groups, First Sunday of each Month, 11am-12pm: These groups are one hour classes, designed to support you in developing your at-home meditation practice. This is also a great opportunity to meet like-minded people, learn foundational principles of meditation, begin to comprehend the true nature of the mind, as well as the ultimate purpose of emotions. It's a good time, with great experientials throughout the hour. You'll have a blast!


Highlands Integrative Pediatrics

2650 18th Street, Suite 100, Denver, CO

Park our front and walk around the back! Suite 100 with private entrance. Door is open. 

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One-Day Intensives

The LIGHT INTENSIVE: This is a high vibrational one-day intensive not to be missed! You will learn and experience high states of expanded awareness and consciousness. 

Learn: the foundations to esoteric anatomy, how to work with energy, how to raise your vibration, deep meditation practices, how to work with healing hands on light on yourself and others, and much more! Deeply experiential, so fasten your seat-belts! 

Weekend Intensives

The DEEP INTENSIVE: This is weekend intensive is geared toward very deep work. Here, the roots of trauma, depression, addiction, anxiety, relationship issues and confusion and more are addressed. All is welcome.

Learn techniques to deal with tough emotions and thoughts. Receive education about the scientific and metaphysical nature of human beings, how we operate, and what is actually possible. 

*Pre-requisites are required. Email for more information. If you are ready to face what holds you back, gain new perspectives, and set yourself on a new course of health & vitality, this course is for you.